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the dream world vs the real world

i am going to answer a question, posed by the character “morpheus” in first movie of “the matrix” series – one that has long been asked by philosophers. he asks “neo”: “how would you know the difference between the dream world, and the real world?” my answer, is that dreams are based on words in the mind, or the “thinking process”, whereas reality exists in the senses. it is the senses that experience the present, and the conscious that experiences the past. take notice, the next time you dream, of how much worded narration is taking place. such, is a hypnotic state, when the mind can be directed by tools of communication. to dissolve the mythical “third eye”, or inner-realm, is to become invulnerable to illusion.

another area of interest in the movie, is where “morpheus” describes “the matrix”, which i like to reference because it is one of the best representations of the real source of man’s suffering ever put to film. “morpheus” says: “…that you are a slave. like everyone else, you were born into bondage; born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. a prison, for your mind.” that’s quite accurate, leaving out the visuals of futuristic machines and technology. the real “matrix” is much of what is known as “the world” itself. it is “the word”.


all “gods” with a symbol or name are not the host of hosts

the host of hosts does not speak in man’s tongues. it does not have a “word”. it is that which enters the eyes, the nose, and the breath. it is the answer that is provided instantaneously from within. those who argue otherwise, are attempting to separate you from the kingdom of heaven; where you born, but forced out of, into the world of man, where the gods of “the word”, and logic, ethics, mathematics do keep you confounded. these are your gods, if you have made a graven image for yourself. a name. a “reputation”. a title. a doctrine. they all mean “un-whole”. you are of the cult of death.

the immortality of awareness

to those who doubt their own immortality, know this: to be aware at any moment, requires that you are aware for all eternity. to die at night, requires that you wake in the morning. otherwise you would have never been aware at all; your existence would have come and gone without perceivable record. it is only living awareness that can remember death; death cannot remember its wake.

all words are deception

when someone asks “how you are?”, and you say “good”, often, most people recognize, even this is a “white lie” or platitude. what most don’t recognize, is that even the most honest of answers, is dishonest. for any instant, you should consider that you are a living thing, that changes every millisecond; even at the smallest measurements of time, your atoms are changing. your mind/spirit, is even more boundless. it is capable of creation. so, to choose any amount of words/symbols to equate yourself to, is to defile yourself. not a thousand books could capture one moment of “you”. that is why many are becoming offended by the question “who are you?”, “how are you?”.

there is a law of the mind that the explorer of the inner-realm should recognize: to fear a thought, is to think a thought. it would follow, that to fear a hallucinatory voice, is to hear a voice. this is a simple mechanic that takes a role in mental illnesses such as ocd and schizophrenia. those who suffer these anxieties must realize that it is the resistance of the inner-voice, or hallucinatory voice, that gives it presence. words only possess an edge to cut if they are allowed one.

words are graven images

words, which can be the tools of an enchanter or magician, or your everyday manipulator, only possess the power they are given, by those who hear them. they are dead things. existent only as they were spoken, and gone. thus, they do not have “power” in themselves, as some seem to argue. a man who does not understand a word, is not affected by it. it is up to the listener even to pick them up, and it is up to him to dismiss them.

when you make another man’s tools (words/symbols) and ideas (formulated by those words), sacred to you, or build your foundation on them… you take up a senseless pride, or a precarious foundation. a man should need no foundation but the living earth.

language is like art; a form of expression. it is no more worthy than a painting to guide the mind. to search for truth in the words of men (science, philosophy, religion) is to turn the eyes away from reality.